Exterior Remodeling Trends for 2023

Exterior Remodeling Trends for 2023

It’s time to update your home’s exterior with trending colors, outdoor living spaces, and personalized touches. Refresh your home and feel pride as you pull up to your home or invite friends and family over for some outdoor quality time. Find out what the 2023 exterior remodeling trends are and ideas for how to use them around your Vancouver, Washington, area home.  


Exterior Home Remodeling

Updating the exterior of your home is important for a few reasons. Primarily, it will increase the value of your home, give you a sense of pride, alleviate issues with climate control inside your home, and uncover possible needed repairs to prevent damage inside your home. Let’s discuss the main exterior updates homeowners choose for their homes that you should consider. 

Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are a couple of decades old, it’s time to look at how their age could affect your home. Older windows and doors won’t have the same quality of energy efficiency as newer models. Energy efficiency may not be a style trend but it certainly is a lifestyle trend in 2023. By replacing your home’s windows and doors, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and a higher level of comfort indoors. 

Replacing these features on your home will also give your home’s exterior new life. If your home looks drab overall, take a closer look at the style and condition of these details and they could be the culprit. The window color trends in 2023 are dark hunter green and black. If your home’s exterior is white, consider using these darker colors for a striking contrast. 

Front Entry

The home design trends in 2023 are all about creating an inviting and warm feel. If your front entry is abrupt or only includes a portico, imagine how welcoming a front porch would be. Already have a front porch? Consider creating a wrap-around porch from the front to one side of your home. Add chairs and plants to make the space inviting.  

Siding, Color, & More

Many homeowners focus on investing in their interiors to create a stylish and interesting space. However, the outside of your home could use this level of attention as well. If your home’s exterior lacks interesting details, update the color and add accents that give it personality. 

Unpainted bricks can make your home look dated. Paint your brick home one of the top trending colors in 2023 that have actually been popular for a few years. Blue-gray looks great on brick, especially with crisp white details. Other top 2023 exterior colors are sage green, navy, and charcoal. 

Durable cement fiber siding comes in various trending colors and will last decades, but can be painted when you’re ready for a change. Vertical siding is another 2023 trend that can be used with many designs, from farmhouse to contemporary. It’s also very durable and can be painted. 

For an earthy appeal, add stone veneer to your home. Around the base of posts or around the base of your entire home are popular design features. Natural stone veneers come in many different materials and colors. A more economical material is concrete which can be made and dyed to look like natural stone. 

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Outdoor Living Home Additions

In 2023, outdoor living areas continue to be on trend for exterior remodeling, especially more dynamic areas that offer different zones for different ways of enjoying the outdoors. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens exploded on the home addition scene a few years ago and the enthusiasm continues, keeping it at the top of outdoor 2023 trends. Your outdoor kitchen can be a simple 10x10 concrete slab with a grill, a sink, and storage. Or, you can make the most of it by creating a fully self-sufficient outdoor kitchen by adding a range, pizza oven, ice maker, mini fridge, wine cooler, and even a bar that overlooks your kitchen. 

Decks & Patios

Decks and patios can also be as simple or complex as you prefer. You can even combine the two with a deck that steps down onto a patio with a fire pit. Having a more dynamic outdoor space offers more opportunities for spending time with friends and family outside. 

For your patio slab, consider adding interesting details like staining the concrete or including stamping. Every 2023 design trend is about your personal style coming through in and around your home, so choose the design that makes you happy. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

Over the past few years, creating a living space outside with a lot of the same features of your indoor living room has increased in popularity. In 2023, the trend continues to offer families a chance to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably. For your outdoor living room, think about what features your family would enjoy most. Is it a gas fire pit surrounded by cozy furniture? Does your outdoor living room also have a bar, TVs, a dining space, and a surround sound system? Weatherize your space with overhead heaters, a built-in brick fireplace, heavy-duty curtains, and screens for year-round enjoyment, too. 

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Work with the Best Exterior Remodeler in Clark County

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