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Live in Comfort and Style

If your house is feeling cramped but you can’t imagine moving out of your family home, it's time to consider a home addition. Adding onto your home can give everyone the space they need for more comfort, privacy, and room to entertain. 

At North Light Builders, we specialize in creating more space in Clark County homes that are expertly designed and crafted. You may be welcoming a new family member, preparing for an older loved one to move in, want an outdoor living area to host friends and family, or you may have never had enough space from the start.

Our full-service design-build method makes it easy and seamless for homeowners to add to their homes. What kind of space would help you and your family breathe easy and feel comfortable in your home? We will assess your home, learn about your ideas for how to solve your home’s challenges, and collaborate together on the perfect solution that will give everyone in your home the space they need. We’re dedicated to building the best space that’s perfectly tailored to you. 

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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Clark County?

The cost for your Clark County home addition will depend on the type of space you’d like to add. We’re an open book about costs and can tell you more about what’s included and what affects costs, but here are a few of the typical costs for each common type of addition.  

  • A basic 20x20 room addition: $60,000-$80,000
  • Bathroom addition (half bathroom, full bathroom, primary bathroom): $15,000-$120,000
  • A primary suite addition: $126,000-$255,000
  • Outdoor kitchen: $20,000-$60,000


What Are Other Popular Home Additions?

There are lots of different types of spaces a family may need to live more comfortably. Here are some of the other common types of rooms homeowners like you choose to add to their Clark County homes:  

  • In-law suite
  • Above garage apartment
  • Sunroom
  • Kitchen Expansion
  • Additional family room
  • Laundry room 
  • Mudroom
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Should You Build Up or Bump Out?

When adding onto your home, an important decision is whether you should build up and add another story or bump out and add onto your main level. We can help you decide and explore different designs, but start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • Am I willing to lose yard space?
  • Does my addition need to consider accessibility?
  • What type of space am I adding and does it make more sense for it to be on the main floor?
  • Are the other homes in my neighborhood one-story or two-story homes?
  • Will building up change the architectural style of my home? 

The North Light Builders design-build process is the best way to add the space you need and the design you want, all within the budget you set. Contact us to learn more about our process, schedule a consultation, and find out if we work in your area

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