Adding a Covered Patio? Here’s Some Considerations.

Adding a Covered Patio? Here’s Some Considerations.

Adding a covered patio to your beloved backyard can be an exciting home addition. Patio covers not only add value to your home but value to your outdoor living experience. In other words, you can consider a covered patio an extension of your home, another place to relax, entertain, and better yet, outside!

Covered patios are a decently sized project that has a few important things to consider beforehand.

Covered Patio Size 

Sizing of covered patios can vary! One of the most important decisions you can make along the way is how big you want your coverage to be. Things to think about are what type of patio furniture or entertainment accessories you plan on including within this space. Having an idea of what purpose the space will have and how you plan on utilizing it most of the time, can help you determine the size needed to do so.

A Full or Partial Patio Cover 

Depending on the climate you live in, as well as where on your property this covered patio sits, it’s important to consider the weather and the type of coverage you feel will best suffice for what you’re planning on using your space for. Coverage can vary from partial to full, meaning you have some natural light, but whether or not you have protection from the wind and rain, or the sun and heat can be determined by type of coverage. Some homeowners find that partial coverage is what they need based on the fact that they know they may avoid the backyard space during seasons of more intense weather. Others find that they want to utilize their space year-round, rain or shine, making full coverage a solid choice.

A Budget to Cover Your Patio

Like any home project or remodel, cost is a significant factor. Things to consider are material costs, permit fees, and contractor fees. Deciding on your design can be a fun part of the process, however it’s a good idea to have some wiggle room in choices due to cost, and availability. Oftentimes you can work with a contractor by going over budget, cost, and design to solidify a plan and have a better idea of what you’re looking at, and avoiding surprise fees down the road.

Outdoor Living Features

Depending on what you decide to utilize your covered patio, and what general structure you decide on, it’s also a good time to consider what type of features you may want built into your covered patio. While some covered patios are more standard, the options to upgrade and really take advantage of how far technology has come. From built in TV’s, surround sound speakers, and built in lighting, the options have become increasingly vast. Features can add on cost and can always be added on down the road, but utilizing your contractor on site can oftentimes save you money in the long run.