Kitchen Remodeling

Whole Home Our Work

At North Light Builders, we want your remodeled kitchen to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality. A remodel can take on so many forms of style, materials, and color. Let us be your partners in deciding what will work best for you with our kitchen remodeling services.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Vancouver Area Bathroom Remodel

A well designed bathroom can create the perfect touch such as a stylish powder room to a beautiful master bath. The bathroom should function in a manner where you feel you have stepped into a private getaway. The layout, materials and fixtures should reflect the true meaning of a rest room.

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Whole Home Remodeling

Whole Home Remodeling Portfolio

Whole home remodeling services result in the biggest possible changes to a home. It reflects the homeowner’s dreams, needs, style, and wishes. The perfect whole home remodel project has a well-balanced design so it fits everyday usage.

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