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Outdoor living in the PNW is unlike most other places. Living in a region known for its rolling hills and high peaked mountains, with the ocean not far, we welcome the inevitable and beautiful seasons throughout the year. Whether you like to escape the rain or brave it, your home can have a space for both! While we are lucky enough to have adventures at the tip of our fingers, while homes have always been a place to functionally live, for many it has also become a place for working. The pandemic hit hard, and isolation became a daily norm leaving many “stuck” at home. Inspiration to make living spaces dynamic and also more enjoyable took a hit of popularity, and we now realize more than ever how important it is to create spaces in our homes that check all those boxes, and then some!

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Outdoor Spaces

Just like indoor spaces, have the ability to be uniquely personalized. Taking into consideration what purpose your space will have we are able to work with you in creating something that meets your needs, and honors your creativity. As times change, the possibilities have become even more vast. For some, outdoor spaces will serve as a space for entertainment. Maybe you enjoy outdoor cooking, family dinners next to a hot fire, while listening to the sounds of the crickets on a summer’s night, or in true PNW style, maybe it’s hanging out in the hot tub, while watching the snow fall to the ground. While all that and more is possible, that same space could also serve as the space for your next virtual meeting, or business call, because as we have learned, a change of scenery is something we can appreciate after “remote” became the way of life. 

Seasons do indeed come and go here, but the use of our outdoor space does not have to. Braving the elements can be cherished and memorable by appreciating our climate in the comfort of a space right outside of your home. Outdoor living is just a concept it’s a way of life.