What Adds the Most Value to Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

What Adds the Most Value to Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Kitchen remodeling projects can include several different changes. From the finer details to larger upgrades, kitchens are a space of great value. They also have the potential to be the highlight of your home, increasing your enjoyment, efficiency and resale value. In most cases, the expense associated with a kitchen remodeling project can be steep. This is why considering what aspects of the remodel will result in the most value, whether that’s for resale purposes or not, matters.


For the ultimate facelift, and potentially one of the spendier but more valued changes to your kitchen, consider updating or replacing the existing cabinetry. Cabinets typically create a color scheme for your kitchen. They cover the majority of wall space in some instances and can easily change the way your kitchen looks. The trends are endless, from color schemes to different materials, glass-paned, or even creating open cabinet shelving. As far as resale value goes, well, the good news is that it stands to be one of the greatest return values for kitchen remodels.


Looking to up the overall value and appeal of your kitchen space? Countertops accompanied by a complimenting backsplash are where it’s at. We’ve all seen a kitchen with outdated, aging, and unappealing countertops, and let’s face it, it can make or break the feel of a kitchen. Countertops are important for varying reasons, and backsplashes can really tie it all together. With varying styles come varying price points as well. Keep in consideration that the more expensive doesn’t always mean more in return. Where your home is located, and the general value of your home should not stray too far from what you’re putting into it. In other words, this should be proportional to the rest of your home. 

Kitchen Islands

If your kitchen isn’t lacking in space, consider adding a kitchen island. A great place to socially gather while hosting friends or family over, a nice centerpiece to a room that is used for multiple purposes. In addition to creating a great social spot, kitchen islands can increase storage space and have remained trendy over the years regardless of what fads have come and gone. Islands can be custom built or purchased as pre-built pieces, ready for installation. 


Coming in last, but definitely not least, a popular and greatly valued part of a kitchen remodel; appliances! They’re necessary, require space, and can be costly, but with technological advances, they’ve become impressive. With increased energy efficiency, style, and multi-purposes, this necessity can also become an accessory. Newer appliances can be a huge turning point when selling your home, and they ultimately pay for themselves in the long run as they are used in most homes on a regular basis. 

Add Value With a Kitchen Remodeling Project

The value of a kitchen remodeling project alone is worth it whether you’re selling, or simply want to enjoy your space a tad bit more. Generating a well thought out plan with your kitchen remodeling contractor can help ensure your money is used the most effectively. Be sure to consider space, layout, and the day-to-day use of your kitchen. 

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