How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget

How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget

You’ve daydreamed about a more stylish kitchen with marble countertops, statement lighting, plenty of storage, and beautiful flooring for too long. Or maybe your kitchen is so cramped and poorly laid out that more than one person using the space is just frustrating. But how much should you budget to get the kitchen of your daydreams? Let’s start with the basics: how much you should plan to budget, what can affect the costs, and how to keep costs under control.

What Is a Good Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

In general, experts agree that a kitchen remodel budget should be somewhere between 7-20% of your home’s total current value. That’s a pretty wide range. Where your kitchen remodel will land in this range will depend on your kitchen’s current state and the changes you’d like to see. 

On the lower end, you can expect to keep your layout exactly the way it is now, but replace every finish and surface to create a whole new look. The higher end includes removing walls, adding an island, creating more storage, adding appliances, and maybe adding a walk-in pantry. 

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What Can Affect the Cost of Your Remodel?

Several different factors will affect the cost of your remodel and how much you should budget for the project. These factors will help you figure out your design choices and how your designer will approach your plan. But don’t worry, your designer can help sort out these factors with you. 

Renovation Purpose

If the purpose behind your kitchen renovation is to create a space that’s stylish and fresh, a cosmetic update could keep your budget on the lower end. Your kitchen remodel purpose may be closer to opening your space to include more features, adding a breakfast nook, and an attached outdoor kitchen to enjoy those Pacific Northwest views. The purpose of your remodel may be to have enough room and updated features that enable you to host parties and special occasions. Are you remodeling your kitchen with the goal of putting it on the market? Knowing the purpose of your kitchen remodel will help your designer create a plan that meets your goals. 

Scope of Work

The scope of work refers to how much work your kitchen remodel purpose will require. Will cosmetic updates do the trick, or do you need more space with a kitchen expansion? Removing walls and expanding your square footage will take more materials and labor than removing and replacing all of your finishes, cabinets, and appliances. Knowing what type of kitchen renovation you’re planning based on what it is you’re wanting to be done can help begin narrowing down the process of determining your budget. Your design-builder can also help you figure out a design that both meets your needs and stays within your budget. 

Age of Your Home

An older home could require more of an investment than a newer home. A home that’s several decades old could have water damage, insect damage, dated wiring and plumbing, or other types of wear and tear that are typical of older homes. Your home will receive a thorough assessment and your remodeler will let you know what type of investment will be needed to get your home in the best shape for your remodel. 

Your Design Choices

Choosing a high-end marble countertop will, of course, have a higher price tag than quartz. Ceramic wood look flooring will cost more per square foot than luxury vinyl tile. The good news is that even if you choose a finish with a lower cost, you’re not compromising on style. With so many great and stylish products on the market, it’s easy to choose a finish that reaches your design style but stays within your budget. 


How to Keep Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget Under Control

  • Prioritize your needs; like higher function, a better layout, more storage, room for seating
  • Rank your wish list so you’ll know where you’re willing to compromise
  • Work with your designer to choose stylish alternatives to higher-priced products
  • Explore layout changes that wouldn’t require adding square footage
  • Choose durable and timeless designs to avoid remodeling again sooner rather than later
  • Work with a design-build team to reduce costs, time, and stress

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Find an Honest Design-Builder

Budgeting for a remodel can leave you with a lot of questions. How much do materials and labor cost? How will I know my project will stay within my budget? Will the remodeler I choose respect my budget?

You want to feel confident going into your kitchen remodel. Get the help you need to understand what your remodeling vision could cost by working with a design-build team that prioritizes your goals and budget. 

North Light Builders will create cost projections during your design process, so you’ll know exactly how much your design will cost and the changes that can be made to reduce your investment. We proudly serve Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, and other areas. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our process. 

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