How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget

How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget

You may have dabbled in the idea of remodeling your kitchen. Daydreaming over new kitchen cabinets, a flawless countertop with a trendy backsplash that really ties it all in. The idea of putting your plans into motion and taking the next step to turn your dream into a reality can be nerve-wracking, especially in the finance department. It is true, there is a lot to cover in a remodeling project, a lot of fine details and things to consider, and part of that is setting a kitchen remodel budget!

Renovation Level

Depending on what you’re ready to pay for, or how much time and space you want to be under construction, you need to decide the level of renovation you plan on having done. A kitchen renovation budget can vary and change quickly. You should determine if your project is going to be simply cosmetic, replace and remodel, or reconstruction with custom builds. Knowing what type of kitchen renovation you’re planning based on what it is you’re wanting to be done can help begin the narrowing down the process in determining your budget.


In the midst of your wishlist for all that you want to have done, it may be that the pricing for all of it is beyond what you’re willing to pay at once. Prioritizing the parts of your kitchen renovation that you consider priority or most favored is a great place to start in regards to determining your budget. If you’re finding that the bigger ticket items are all making that list, you may consider redoing your kitchen in sections, breaking up the cost over a series of time. 

Renovation Purpose

If the purpose behind your kitchen renovation is simply for the enjoyment of a new look in one of your most used spaces, then your kitchen remodel budget may be more limited and less time sensitive. However, if your purpose is to renovate for resale, you may consider a complete kitchen renovation all at once, knowing that your equity will go up and in the end be quite rewarding as you sell your home. 

Find a Contractor Who Will Help With Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

There are several other aspects to consider when setting your kitchen remodel budget, such as labor and materials. Setting aside time to really create a plan for what you want and what you’re willing to spend is a great start in developing the next steps in the actual process. Your remodeling contractor will be able to generate pricing and overall cost projections which can guide you along once you have determined your personal budget.