What to Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

What to Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can be a large or small project depending on what level of remodel you’re doing. Knowing what to expect during a kitchen renovation can be helpful. If your entire kitchen is getting a makeover, chances are your project will fall under the larger side of things. That being said, there’s a method to the madness! That secures a plan that incorporates structure and accuracy necessary to complete your project, meeting standards and satisfaction. Once you have your budget, a plan with your contractor, and materials picked out, it’s go time! Here’s what you can expect…


It’s time to say goodbye to the old and make room for the new. Your contractor team will most likely place a dumpster outside that will soon be full of what was once your kitchen! This is generally a quick process, especially when you have professionals doing it. 

Structural Changes

This is when big changes occur! The layout of your kitchen is now potentially changing, placement of previous objects may have a new home once this part of the kitchen renovation takes place. Plumbing and electrical wiring will be a big part of this as well, which can take some time, making this one of the longer phases of the renovation.

Walls and Floors

This is not quite the finishing phase of your kitchen renovation, but it’s when things really start coming together. Between drywall and painting, you’ll start to see everything look a little more put together, and more of what you envisioned coming to life. Flooring is put in, and now you are ready for the next phase. 

Cabinets and Counters

Installation of the cabinets is relatively easy as they are ordered ahead of time, measured to fit. This is a generally quick process, as long as materials are received and ready to go. Countertops can be trickier, requiring time, patience, and precise measurements. You may find yourself wondering why it’s taking so long, but this is a key part of your kitchen renovation, you don’t want to be rushed! If you know what to expect during a kitchen renovation, this makes everything much easier.

Appliance Installation

You’ve made it! Your kitchen renovation is almost done, and at this point you can’t wait for the space to be complete as if it always existed as such. Your appliances, whether they’re the old ones or new ones, are ready to be placed in their spaces. Each appliance will be carefully fit, plugged in, wired, and tested to assure that all is well and that you’re ready to use!

That’s What to Expect During a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations may seem long and drawn out, but a space as important as a kitchen requires the time and attention to detail to ensure that your investment is taken seriously and will show its value for years to come. Now you’re better prepared to take the next step knowing what to expect during a kitchen renovation!

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