Pergola vs. Covered Patio: How to Choose

Pergola vs. Covered Patio: How to Choose

Outdoor living has become a trend that only gets more popular every year. The idea of creating a backyard oasis, and utilizing the maximum amount of your property, is not always valuable but enjoyable. That being said, the moment you walk out your backyard can set the tone for your backyard, making the coverage of your patio a hit or miss. While there are plenty of options for types of coverage, some more permanent than others, it can leave you wondering what type of coverage is that you want? Here we will explore the two most competitive and popular options, the pergola and the covered patio.


Pergolas are most commonly known for their difference in structure. Beams of support and lattice style roofing often creates a great combination for sunshine and shade all at once. Depending on the climate you live in this can be a game changer. While most pergolas don’t have full roof coverage, they can still be a great protector from harsher weathers. Traditionally, pergolas have been closely compared to gazebos. The structure of a pergola can be unique in that it does not always have to attach to a home, in fact some homeowners have chosen to creatively place their pergolas in chosen areas around their property to create an outdoor living space separate from right outside their back doors. If you have a green thumb and want your outdoor space to reflect that, pergolas are also well known for beautifully supporting climbing vines and other hanging plants.

Covered Patios 

Covered patios are trending with no sign of disappearing in popularity. They are commonly known for being built on to your home as an extended structure. Many patio covers feature a-frame roofing offering plenty of airflow, but complete protection from weather of all sorts. With full coverage roofing, you often see less required upkeep to the structure, as it is built to handle weather similarly to your home. Full coverage from weather means more year-round use, and oftentimes less patio furniture that needs to be moved inside for the rainier season. Patio covers have a tendency to offer an array of options such as ceiling fans, lighting, and speakers for entertainment. Structurally, patio covers are supported by beams, and are known for increasing the value of your home (versus a pergola) and general enjoyment. 

Making a Choice Between a Pergola and a Covered Patio

Both a patio cover, a pergola, and even some less permanent unmentioned options, can be a great option for extending the use of your backyard, and increasing the value of your home. Both offer opportunity for customizations, and several options in design. What it boils down to is, what you feel will most benefit your personal use. Due to the varying options in materials and designs, both can vary in pricing. Taking the time to determine what you prioritize within your outdoor living space, and deciding on a general budget, can help narrow down your choice, getting you one step closer to outdoor living paradise.