Cost to Remodel a Small Powder Bathroom

Cost to Remodel a Small Powder Bathroom

Small powder bathrooms are typically used by both family and guests regularly. These bathrooms are placed in easily accessed areas of the home such as adjacent to a living room or kitchen. They are often the only bathroom your guests see, so it is important that this small space makes a big statement about you and your home. The good news here is that it is somewhat difficult to blow up your bank account with a remodel in this room. The cost to remodel a small powder bathroom is not that high because the space is not that big.

Cost Considerations for a Small Bathroom Remodel

  • Flooring
  • Vanity
  • Sink & Faucet
  • Toilet
  • Wood Trim
  • Light Fixture
  • Paint Color
  • Towel Bar & TP Holder

Set Your Budget for a Powder Bathroom Remodel

$3,500 – $4,500

If you are looking for a simple spruce-up for your powder bath, then the lower budget is for you. A new coat of paint, an upgrade to your countertop and an update to the plumbing fixtures. If you keep your tastes simple, you will easily stay within this budget range.

$4,500 – $6,000

The mid-range is the most common budget range for powder bathroom remodels. You can pick out reasonable new plumbing fixtures to sit on top of your modest tile floor. And a small semi-custom vanity will go well with your new surfaces.

$6,000 – $8,500

If you want to completely change the look and feel of your powder bath, the high-end budget is where you need to look. Because the bathroom demolition will strip it down to sheetrock to start the remodel from scratch. You’ll be picking out everything in the list above and enjoying a space that projects your vision.

Set The Budget For Your Small Bathroom Remodel

The costs above are base prices to give you a working idea of what you can expect your remodel to cost. These are not hard-and-fast prices given as gospel by North Light Builders. So use these numbers as a starting point to decide both what you want to do and what you can afford to do.

Check out the Cost vs Value Report and the Remodeling Impact Report for more information.