6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2023

6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2023

The 2023 bathroom remodeling trends are all about getting in touch with your personal style through color, texture, and those special little details. After all, the bathroom is more than just a functional space, but one that can affect our mood every day. Luckily, every step of the remodeling process gives you the chance to make the space your own. So, what are the top remodeling trends in 2023 for your Vancouver area bathroom?

1. Luxurious Walk-In Showers

The walk-in shower is nothing new, but how we’re designing them with ultimate luxury in mind is. Sure, they’re convenient and can be curbless for accessibility. The walk-in shower of 2023 is designed with every tiny detail in mind so you’ll feel like you’re melting the day away in a 5-star resort every time. Choose a frameless glass enclosure for ultimate sleekness. Don’t just choose the standard polished chrome fixtures–unless that’s a design choice, of course–but choose a metal that corresponds with the overall color scheme. 

Also, think about the size of your walk-in shower. A simple single stall is fine for the full bathroom in the hallway. However, for your primary, take up space with a shower large enough for two. Also, create a color palette and visual texture layout that excites you. Mix it up with 2023’s trending colors (discussed below), and choose tiles that are current and fresh (also below). 

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2. Wood Vanities

All wood tones are welcome in 2023. For decades, lighter wood tones reigned supreme, but in 2023 we’re seeing a big comeback of medium wood tones–in flooring, bathroom vanities, and even statement ceiling accents. Lighter wood tones on the bathroom vanity, like maple and birch, bring brightness into the bathroom. Medium tones, like chestnut and walnut, ground a room because it feels organic and warm. For the bathroom vanity, you can even go bold with ebony or charcoal stain for a touch of drama and sophistication. 


3. Bathroom Tile Trends

In 2023, bathroom tile trends are fun, playful, colorful, and bursting with personality. If you’re worried your bathroom will feel overwhelming with too much of a good thing, keep your bold tile choice on the shower walls or on a statement wall behind the vanity. Bold tile is also great for a half bathroom, where you really can’t have too much of a good thing. Here are the top bathroom tile trends for 2023: 

Vertical Stacked Subway Tile

The vertically stacked subway tile trend is huge. Stacking subway tile vertically–especially elongated 3x12 tile–is striking but still restrained for its neat and tidy linear pattern. It can also make a space feel taller, especially when it’s taken from floor to ceiling. It’s also a pattern that can appear classic or contemporary, depending on the design style of the rest of your bathroom. 

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tile patterns are everywhere in 2023. You’ll find them on hand-stamped starburst cement tiles on the floor, glossy hexagonal ceramic tiles on the shower walls, and Art Deco porcelain tiles on the vanity wall. Natural stone geometric tiles are available, but ceramic and cement offer much more in terms of shape, color, pattern, and size. 

Tile As Wainscoting

Call it ‘retro’ if you like, but using tile as wainscoting is trending in a big way in 2023. It offers a lot more variety than its wood panel counterpart, with loads of tile shapes, colors, and patterns to explore. The classic 4x4 ceramic tile is a popular choice, as is the vertical stacking subway tile pattern. Top your tile wainscoting with a trending wall color, classic white, or a wallpaper pattern that suits your personal style. 

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4. Bringing Back Color

Homeowners have become collectively bored with the all-white and all-gray bathrooms of the last 20 years. In 2023, color is king. If allover color isn’t quite your thing, use it strategically throughout your bathroom for a cohesive and balanced feel. There’s no need to paint every wall fuchsia to lean into the color trend, but using color here and there will bring more personal style into your space. What are the most popular bathroom color trends in 2023?

Emerald Green

Emerald green is the golden child of 2023. From furniture to dishware, everything is available in this highly indulgent shade. Emerald green is also on the shortlist of bathroom vanity color trends. It’s also incredibly popular in tile, which is why it’s so easy to find in almost every shape, size, and material. Line your shower walls with scalloped emerald green tile, or your vanity wall with vertical stacked glossy ceramic emerald green tile. It pairs beautifully with lots of neutral tones, too, like white, gray, cream, and black.

Rose & Peach

Subdued pinks and soft oranges are the trending warm tones of 2023. They’re fun but calming for their organic and earthy feel. These tones also play well with natural light, changing dramatically throughout the day. When you pair these tones with a cool neutral, they pop; with a warm neutral, they’ll blend right into the color scheme. 

Black & White

It’s a classic pairing that’s striking and sophisticated. A black bathroom vanity with a white marble top, white walls, and black subway tile on the shower walls is the perfect backdrop to colorful accents and gold fixtures. Or, tone down the pairing with timeless penny tile on the floor and matte black fixtures. 

Sea-Inspired Blues & Greens

You simply can’t go wrong with blues and greens in the bathroom because they’re calming and inviting. On the walls, the softer, the better. For your tile, punch it up a bit with more vivid shades. Choose tile with slight variations for a relaxing feel that avoids the stiffness of a uniform palette. On your floors, a cement tile with a muted shade won’t overwhelm but add just enough personality. These hues also pair perfectly with another 2023 trend: a natural wood vanity.


5. Just the Right Amount of “Wow” 

If you’ve heard the adage, “if everything is special, nothing is special,” then you’ll know what this 2023 trend is all about. Strategically creating those “wow” moments in your bathroom means going bold selectively and toning down the rest of the space to give it center stage. This could be an impressive architectural feature, a statement wall in a bold color, a striking light fixture, or a dynamic pattern on the floor. Choose your “wow” and let the rest fall into place. 


6. Strategic Minimalism

In 2023, blanket minimalism is out, but selective minimalism hasn’t gone anywhere. Sleek hardware on your cabinets, a flat-front floating vanity, minimalist sconces flanking your frameless vanity mirror, and monochromatic large-format marble tiles still have a place in bathroom designs. However, you should balance it with points of interest that reflect your true personal style. 


How to Choose the Right Bathroom Trends for You?

We mentioned that the 2023 bathroom trends are all about your personal style, so how will you know which one will feel like home and which will stay on the cutting room floor? Luckily, the most skilled designers are the ones who get to know you, your routines, and the style that speaks to you best. 

That’s why, at North Light Builders, our in-house designer will spend time getting to know your style, rather than pushing a trend on you that doesn’t quite fit. With so many great 2023 bathroom remodeling trends, you’re probably pretty excited to see them come to life in your own bathroom–and we are, too! Contact us today to learn about our full-service design-build process and let’s get started on your Vancouver area bathroom remodeling journey. 


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