A Kitchen Renovation Checklist How-to (or Download Ours!)

A Kitchen Renovation Checklist How-to (or Download Ours!)

Kitchen renovations are like a giant puzzle to put together. The intricate details that go into the planning can often become a jumbled mess. What do you need, what do you want, and what’s actually going to be done. Contractors have their set of organization skills and knowledge making the process quite a bit more understandable. But there’s still a little bit of you that’s questioning the questions you have and trying to make sense of it all. While it varies from project to project, here’s a simple kitchen renovation checklist for you!

Make a List

Before you even start the process of making concrete decisions, you may want to start with a list. This list is everything you may possibly consider needing attention in your kitchen. It may not all get checked off, but it’s a great start for processing it all. What’s a necessity, and what may not be. Start with “needs” and move on to “wants”. This is the baseline for your kitchen renovation checklist.

Determine Your Budget

It’s easy to fall in love with all the expansive materials and options that come with, but knowing where you stand with a budget beforehand can help in deciphering how to make your dollars stretch the most effectively.

Create a Plan

Once you have locked down a budget, and generally know what made the cut for remodeling, it’s time to create a plan with your contractor and let them guide you through the process even more. They’ll create a general timeline between the demo and the finishing phases of your renovation and secure the plan so that it’s ready for action.

Pick Materials

Some might consider this the fun part. Chances are you know the look you want, maybe even the type of material, but the endless options for all that falls in between can make this process more detailed than you thought. Aside from picking what you like and wanting it, there’s a budget to consider, as well as availability, which can make this process more intricate than you thought, but nonetheless, who doesn’t like shopping?


No, this does not mean your renovation is done. This is just the part of your kitchen renovation checklist that wraps up all the choices you’ve made, solidifies your plan, and generates contracts so that your kitchen can take its journey into becoming a masterpiece of design that you’ve been dreaming of.

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