5 Trending Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Inspire You

5 Trending Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Inspire You

Trends come and go, and while it would be fun to be able to switch up your kitchen style every other year, the price to do so would be pretty significant. Kitchen renovation trends tend to last, and with variations in styles, it’s easy to accessorize or make small changes here and there while utilizing what you have.

Modern, farmhouse, industrial, and so on, the styles are endless, but these fun and personalized trends will leave you eager to start your renovation journey!

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Add a Pop of Color

Why stick to the ordinary neutral colors so commonly used in cabinetry when you can add a pop of color to your kitchen with colored cabinets? The days of basic are long gone, and what better way to honor that than by taking a chance with something bold, bright, or moody? Colors can change the feel of your kitchen and can easily coordinate with a style of choice.

Herringbone Floors

Who would have thought flooring could be one of the top attractions for your kitchen? Herringbone style brings out a change in shape and style, offering a certain appeal that is simply different that the typical flooring you see in a home. Its diagonal angles can be a game changer in design, coming in all sorts of color tones and materials. 

Bold Backsplash 

Serving its purpose in a kitchen, backsplashes aren’t just there to catch the splatter of sauce on pasta night, but also to capture and create the essence of your kitchen’s overall design. The colors, shapes, sizes, and materials are endless and can take your kitchen from mundane to magnificent real quickly!

Smart Kitchen

Technology has spread into all aspects of our everyday living, including kitchens. That’s right, your kitchen can be smart! Sustainable, energy-efficient, and downright cool, smart kitchens are the gateway to a more affordable and earth-friendly way of living. Whether it’s your appliances or simply your faucet, there’s a way to update and upgrade making your time more efficient and your utility bill a little less spendy every month. 

Tile Floors

Now I know that you’re thinking, tile in the kitchen? Here’s the deal, just like most other things, tile has evolved! What used to be square neutral tones of flooring, is now limitless and full of trend-setting varieties. Tile made a comeback when it was transformed into a wood flooring look alike, but better! You no longer have to fear the water damage or upkeep that is required of wood floors. Tile is quick to clean up and durable making it a great investment for the long run. 

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