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Our Commitment to Quality

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You See Vans, Trucks, and Trailers Criss-Crossing the County Every Day

They are owned by contractors who proclaim their commitment to “quality”.
It makes sense, right?
You are going to spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to remodel your home.

You want somebody to do it who knows how to build a quality product. The problem is that there is no benchmark for what constitutes quality. We’ve walked onto jobs with installation so poor it was borderline illegal. And the homeowner told us that the previous contractor was supposed to be “really good”.

But what does “really good” mean? What does “top quality” look like? And most importantly, how does that get delivered on your project?

Quality Starts with Accountability

At North Light Builders our commitment to quality starts with our Project Managers. Our Project Managers are professionals in the field of remodeling with a minimum of 10 years building experience. These are the people that make our core values come alive. The Project Manager assigned to each project oversees that project from beginning to end. Depending on their background, the Project Manager will take on certain aspects of each project, while working closely with Trade Partners on other aspects. Some of our Project Managers specialize in woodwork and cabinetry, while others come from years doing high-end tile work. All of our Project Managers are committed to North Light Builders incredibly high standards.

But What About the Subcontractors?

Now you might be thinking: “that sounds fine, but what about the Subcontractors?”

Nobody is an Expert in Everything. Enter our Trade Partners.We are all familiar with the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. With all the variables involved in a home remodel, anybody that claims they can do it all is kidding themselves. More importantly, in Washington state, you MUST be a licensed tradesman to perform certain work (notably electrical work). So when you start working with a contractor to remodel your home, you should expect to see a few different subcontractors come through the project.

This is part of the quality conversation.

Do you want a guy who knows how to wire a few plugs and switches doing your electrical work?  How about a tradesmen with 10, 20, or even 30 years of experience exclusively in his/her field? That same thought applies to any trade. You might have a Project Manager on your project who is arguably the best cabinet installer in the Northwest. Does that mean they’ll be the best tile installer? Or the best sheet rocker?

Our commitment to quality is not just taking pride in what we’re the best at: it’s knowing what we aren’t the best at and bringing in the best to do the job.

Patio Cover House Tie-in
Large Patio Cover with Tongue and Groove Can Lights
Large Patio Cover Shed Roof

The Third Component: Quality Materials

The final part to our quality tripod is material. We aren’t talking about the brand of tile you picked out or the style of cabinet doors. We are talking about all the materials that go into your project behind the selections you made.
For example, we only use the Wedi tile shower systems in our bathroom remodels. After going through the benefits and drawbacks of all the systems out there, we finally determined that this system was the best for our customers.

There are 100+ ways to build a tile shower system, and many of them are less expensive than the one we use. The difference is that we know our chosen system is darn near bulletproof and has an excellent warranty.

We apply this method to all of our material selections. From the lumber we use to frame on through the caulking we use at touchup, we have vetted our vendors and suppliers to make sure all the material going into your remodel is high quality and well represented.