Reliable Written Warranty

A Warranty to Put Your Mind at Peace

Have you ever had something break and called the manufacturer’s warranty department? After being put on hold and transferred a few times, you finally discover that their warranty policy had so much fine print there is no way they will cover the repair of your broken product. Construction warranties can often contain fine print that also protects the contractor more than the consumer.

A reliable construction warranty is one that is written, clearly defined, and covers defects in workmanship, as well as transferring all manufacturer warranties from the contractor to the homeowner upon completion of the project.

At North Light Builders, we live and work by a set of core values. One of these values is that whatever we do, we do it right. This is not limited to the time between starting and finishing a project, but continues long after the final walkthrough. We even send a postcard before the anniversary of each project’s completion date to schedule a one-year warranty visit. This is just one way we make sure our customers are still enjoying their remodel and will be for years to come.

The warranty we offer at North Light Builders is written right into the service agreement which our customers are able to read and review before contracting us to do the work we propose. And because we have a thorough vetting process for both our subcontractors and vendors, we make sure any defective trade work or materials will also be covered in accordance with the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.