Clear Communication

Clear and Consistent Communication

The majority of all the complaints you can find out there on the internet about contractors really boils down to a single issue: communication. When you can’t communicate with your contractor, you are in the dark about your remodel project. You don’t know about daily start times and when subcontractors are showing up. Will you need to clear out of your house for a day or two? What changes are being made, and what additional costs are those changes incurring?

These, and many more, questions are easy to answer. The issue is often actually getting that answer! Sometimes you don’t know who to call, text, or email. Other times you feel like nobody really knows what is going on with your project. Considering that you are investing a lot of money into your remodel project, you need this information.

At North Light Builders we take communicating with our customers very seriously. We have a custom online dashboard for all of our projects that our customers can view and use anytime of day. We also have a dedicated back office that is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm every weekday. We are committed to returning any missed calls or emails the same day or by 9:00am the following morning. That way you are always in the loop on where things stand with your project!

Main Office
Clear Communication

One of the main things that sets North Light Builders apart from “Chuck in a Truck” is our dedicated main office. We have somebody on Phone Duty from 8:00am to 5:00pm every week day. When our crews are out working, they are running saws and drills, overseeing deliveries, and talking with subcontractors. This is where communication breakdowns typically occur with a remodeling company.

Our main office allows us to provide a quick turnaround on all communication: email, phone calls, texts, and messages. Our office has your entire project dashboard at the ready to answer any questions you might have!