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Keeping Your Home Liveable, All Remodel Long

Remodel work is very dirty. And certain phases of the remodel process are VERY dusty. Many homeowners (and many contractors) simply shrug and chalk the dust up to “the Remodel work is very dirty. And certain phases of the remodel process are VERY dusty. Many homeowners (and many contractors) simply shrug and chalk the dust up to “the way it is”. You shouldn’t settle for a contractor that will tell you “that’s the way it is”. You deserve a contractor that will treat you and your home with respect, all remodel long. Let’s talk about some of the ways that North Light Builders will protect your home during your remodel.

Protecting Your Floors

The first step in proper project area isolation is to cover flooring. We take care to cover flooring from the home access point (the front door, for example) all the way to the project area. This ensures that the traffic moving back-and-forth from the work area to the vans, trucks, and trailers doesn’t ruin your existing floors.
There are a few different products we use depending on the situation. For hard surfaces such as wood, tile, or vinyl, RamBoard is the best choice. We run a 3′ wide path of this extra heavy-duty cardboard over your hard floors. The edges are taped down to keep all dust and debris from getting under the board and scuffing up the flooring.
For carpeting we’ll use a self-adhesive film called CarpetMask. This durable plastic sheeting is good for weeks at a time over your carpet.
On occasion, during a short visit or warranty call, we will use canvas “runners” or drop-cloths. These are a great choice for a one-day project, as they keep costs in labor and material down. They shouldn’t be used for multiple days though, as they can slide on hard surfaces. The canvas will also soak through to the flooring underneath if it gets very wet.

Protecting Your Floors
Keeping Your Cabinets Damage-Free

Keeping Your Cabinets Damage-Free

At North Light Builders we head off these issues at the start of the project by covering the cabinets with board and plastic. This keeps dust off the cabinets and stops errant tool belts from banging up the cabinet wood. Kraft paper or RamBoard (depending on the situation) is then used to cover the countertops.

Whether they are new to your remodel, or existing cabinets: they should be protected and covered. This is often overlooked by contractors until the inevitable scratch or ding in the cabinet wood is discovered. Then the blame game starts.

These precautions save the finger pointing that happens after damage is discovered. It also shows respect for you and your home during the remodel process.

Isolating the Work Area

We take our reputation very seriously. We have a reputation of protecting our customer’s homes from dust and debris. Using temporary plastic walls and temporary self-sealing doors.

Check out this video from a home renovation project we did in Battle Ground a few years ago. This was the first time we had the chance to use our new magnetic sealing temporary doors. It was a great thing to have because the work we were doing in that area was grinding stone: it was incredibly dusty. Fortunately the ZipWall door held up like a champ and kept all of the dust isolated to that area.

As you can tell from the video, we were pretty excited about our new door.

Keeping Dust Out of Your Everything

Your livability is our top concern during your remodeling project. Dust is the biggest threat to your livability during your remodel. Even with all of the protections put in place above, there’s one final piece to the puzzle: Air Filtration.
That’s why we invested in dust control systems to incorporate into our dust control plan and best practices. We can promise that by using our dust control systems we will capture and remove up to 90 percent of airborne dust that accumulates during your remodeling project.
Why is dust control important? Because remodeling projects can stir up job site dust that can include dirt and debris, organic matter, drywall, cement, silica and sawdust. With a Control System, we can collect dust at the point of generation and while it is still airborne, which is the most effective way to capture and virtually eliminate all types of worksite dust.
You are not just investing in a job well done, you also would like to maintain a great home life during the project as well. To provide you and your family with the best remodeling experience, from start to finish, we use these measures every time.

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