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  • What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

    So, you’ve decided it’s time for a facelift for your kitchen, maybe it was inspired by its outdated features, or you’d simply like to customize it to fit your desired aesthetic appeal. Kitchens are impressionable in that they create a space that’s inviting for meal times and socializing, so why not enjoy it and make […]

  • Kitchen Renovations: is it Worth it?

    For many households, the kitchen is a prime spot in the home. Families spend a lot of time in and out of kitchens for meals, gatherings, and sometimes just to pass through to get to another spot in their home. That being said, it can be a strong visual representation for your home. This comes […]

  • Kitchen Design Trends for Your Ridgefield Home

    A Kitchen’s Purpose  Kitchens have transcended from a space of necessity and simply that, to a place of gather, entertainment, and purpose. Often a center focus of homes, your kitchen can say a lot about the type of space you want to create for your home, and should reflect that in its design. Aside from […]