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  • A Guide to Designing Your Perfect Tile Shower

    Designing Your Perfect Tile Shower

    If you are considering updating your old fiberglass shower in favor of a beautiful custom tile shower, this guide is for you! How to choose the right shower layout for your lifestyle Understanding shower drain placement options The benefits of curbless versus curbed showers Deciding on a bench, a shelf, a niche (or all 3!) […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to a Bathroom Remodel

    The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Remodel

    A bathroom remodel can be difficult, stressful, and expensive. Use this guide to prepare yourself and get the best bathroom remodel possible. From sketching out ideas to choosing the right contractor to the punch list. This page covers it all! If you don’t have time to read this page, you can download the PDF below! […]

  • Cost for a Large Master Bathroom Remodel

    Cost to Remodel a Large Master Bathroom

    The master bathroom is the homeowner’s sanctuary. A large space that will enable you relax and end your day in a spa-like setting. The cost for a large master bathroom remodel will vary widely based on the design of the space, the materials picked out during the selection phase, and the size of the bathroom itself. […]

  • Cost for a Full Bathroom Remodel

    Cost for a Full Bathroom Remodel

    The full bathroom is where everyone showers, shaves, and prepares for their day. The full bathroom includes a tub/shower combo and a larger vanity. These bathrooms are usually situated near bedrooms and are less typical for guests to use. The cost for a full bathroom remodel is somewhat varied. They can be relatively easy to […]

  • Cost to Remodel a Small Powder Bathroom

    Small powder bathrooms are typically used by both family and guests regularly. These bathrooms are placed in easily accessed areas of the home such as adjacent to a living room or kitchen. They are often the only bathroom your guests see, so it is important that this small space makes a big statement about you […]

  • Choosing a Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel

    Choosing a Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel

    So you want to remodel your bathroom.Your bathroom is overdue for an update and, judging by the mildew on your ceiling, you’re pretty sure your noisy, dingy exhaust fan is just for looks. You have dreamed up all the possibilities and reimagined how you can maximize the space (and get rid of that old Jacuzzi […]

  • How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take

    How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take

    Along with the question of cost, the amount of time it takes to remodel a bathroom is a regular ask. Obviously there are dozens, if not hundreds, of variables. Almost any Contractor, Interior Designer, or Trade Contractor will give the universal answer: “well it depends…”. We want to shed some light on this topic today. […]

  • What to Expect From Your Bathroom Remodel Contractor

    What to Expect from Your Bathroom Remodel Contractor

    Remodels of any variety are usually disruptive to your daily life. Bathroom remodels are especially so. If you are remodeling your Master Bathroom, then you are going to have people working in and out of your bedroom. Or worse, you may only have a single bathroom home. You may have teenage daughters who seem to […]

  • 10 Tips to Survive a Bathroom Remodel

    10 Tips to Survive a Bathroom Remodel

    Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is meant to be a place of peaceful solitude. Whether it’s soaking in the tub with a glass of wine after a long day or simply getting a couple minutes of alone time (I hear you, parents of toddlers!) So when you decide to remodel your place […]