Vancouver Gabled Patio Cover

Having a great backyard with all the space for enjoyment and leisure, but no patio cover can leave some feeling like they’re missing something, that extra piece that would really just tie it all in and make it even better. That is exactly what led this homeowner into taking the leap and having this beautiful, large patio cover addition built on to their already lovely home. 

While the options for covered patios continue to grow, this homeowner chose what is considered a gable style open patio cover.  Gable style patios are known for their triangular shaped roof. They are well recognized for their vaulted ceilings, offering space and class all in one. 

Vaulted Ceiling

Oftentimes the vaulted ceilings become a show-stopper of their own, and in this case they were just that! The owner chose a clear pine tongue and groove ceiling that was finished with a clear coat, really warming up the entire look of the patio, and for those hot summer nights they had a delta-wing styled fan installed, which is well known for generating a decent airflow. 

Rather than keep the typical sliding glass doors, they saw this as the perfect opportunity to replace the ordinary look with a classic set of french doors, opening up the space from their home to their outdoor living area, really tying it all in. 

Having an outdoor living space customized and built to reflect it being a true addition to your home requires an engenuity that you often won’t find when installing a patio cover kit. While both options can be wonderful, this owner wanted a space that felt like it was truly a part of their home. This particular gable patio cover is larger than a standard patio cover you may purchase at a store, but it creates an outdoor living space not just a shelter from weather. 

You’ll notice that the exposed beams offer structural support, yet tie in the complete design of the patio cover making it unique and eye-catching, which is just one of many ways to show off true customization of your home.