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The Top 5 Trending Designs for Whole Home Remodeling in Vancouver Washington

Are you considering a whole home remodeling in Vancouver? We share our top five design trends to help you plan your home renovation.

Home Remodeling Trend #1 – Converting that Spare Room into a Home Office

Whether you’re quarantining or taking advantage of a no commute work life, an inviting workspace has not only become necessary, but desired for productive, and enjoyable work days. While many of us don’t have control of our office feng shui, the work-from-home trend has proven to provide a chance to create a space, a retreat, and a place to be inspired and get work done all at once!

Home Remodeling Trend #2 – Get Rid of Old Stair Carpet

Staircases, similar to hallways are a highly used foot traffic area of a home. While many staircases follow the flooring pattern of the room below, it has become trendy for a variety of reasons that not only benefit the value of the home but also the overall appeal. Reasons to redo a staircase can range from wear and tear, safety, and simply the need for a facelift.

Home Remodeling Trend #3 -Refresh Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens serve an obvious essential purpose, a place to provide fuel for a day and fill the bellies at the end of one. However, our kitchens also become a place of entertainment, a social gathering space, and reflective space of our style. Cabinets are often one of the first viewpoints when walking into a kitchen, therefore keeping them updated, clean, and trendy is a well-understood necessity. The question is, do you refinish or replace? When considering these options for your kitchen remodel it is important to think about potential cost vs. time spent. The cost to replace cabinets is both dependent on quantity, material, and installation. Refinishing, requires time, patience, and planning that can easily avoid high costs. Depending on the style, and type of work you want to be done, either option will be sure to create a desirable change to your space.

Home Remodeling Trend #4 -Make Your Laundry Room Functional

The daunting task of laundry doesn’t have to make for an inconvenient use of time! Creating a dynamic and multi-use space in a laundry room can have its perks. Laundry rooms often share their space for other uses, such as a sink, bathroom, mudroom, or potentially a garage. Utilizing the space at its best capacity can help reduce clutter, create an organization, and also become an appealing part of your home. Folding tables that fit snugly over your washer and dryer, along with shelving, are just a couple of trending ideas to keep your laundry room going from drab to fab.

Home Remodeling Trend #5 -Finally, Remodel Your Outdated Bathroom

An essential part of all homes is of course a bathroom. A place to refresh from the day, or start a new one right, all bathrooms serve their purpose. Reasons to renovate your bathroom can range from the desire to increase value within your home to outdated design and safety. Trending design changes are commonly seen in material and lighting. Updating mirrors and steering away from basic concepts has been a fun way to pull in personal style and design in a space that often meets the basic requirements for use. Unique tiles and texture changes can help add the unique charm and comfort needed to make your bathroom an essential space for basic needs and relaxation.