The Best Hiking Trails Around Clark County, WA

Rolling hills of luscious green forests, and the ever-changing seasons, continues to be one of the most desirable aspects of living in the PNW. Among these forests lies incredible trails, within just a short drive, offering one of a kind, views and endless possibilities for leisure. 

Hiking continues to be one of the most popular activities for locals of Clark County, but also those visiting from other regions. Having the opportunity to live local to these trails is a gift of its own. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or ready to test the waters, Clark County has a trail for you.

Easy Access: Moulton Falls

Just 20 minutes outside of Battle Ground lies one of North Clark County’s most popular trails, Moulton Falls. This 5.3 out and back trail is classified as “easy”, making it desirable for all levels of fitness, and a great spot for a family walk. The trail itself follows the beautiful rolling Lewis River, with an outstanding waterfall view. This trail is accessible year-round and is a site to see from season to season. 

Beautiful Views: Silver Star Mountain

If you’re looking for a challenging trek ending with a worthwhile reward of astounding views, Silver Star Mountain may be the destination for you. With a 2,096 ft. elevation gain, this trail will take you up in the hills offering 360 degree views of rolling hills and multiple mountains. 6.3 miles out and back, you will be greeted wild flowers, and potentially some of the best sunrise and sunset views. 

Old Growth Forest: Siouxon Trail

Nothing showcases the PNW like a good inner-forest trail, the opportunity to get lost in the trees and cross trickling streams that hug the curves of the winding path of one of the most beautiful old-growth forests. Deep in the heart of the heart of the Gifford Pinchot, outside of Amboy, WA, the Siouxon trailhead will be sure to not disappoint. Ranked moderate, you will find several view-worthy spots to take a break, and even have a picnic. 

See The Volcano: Windy Ridge and Plains of Abraham

An iconic view of Mt. St. Helens, and the opportunity to surround yourself with distant views of some of the Northwest’s other incredible peaks, Windy Ridge is a trail worth taking the time to conquer. Although rated as moderate, this trail can have its challenging points. Due to elevation, the trail is only accessible during the months of June-November. Spend the day surrounded by PNW mountain views and trails garnished with wildlife.