Kitchen Design Trends for Your Ridgefield Home

A Kitchen’s Purpose 

Kitchens have transcended from a space of necessity and simply that, to a place of gather, entertainment, and purpose. Often a center focus of homes, your kitchen can say a lot about the type of space you want to create for your home, and should reflect that in its design. Aside from the design aspects of a kitchen remodel, the functionality is something to consider as well. Upgrades can not only increase your home’s resale value, but also increase the efficiency with water and energy, which in the long run can save money. 


Adding a backsplash to your kitchen can be both effective and eye-catching. It used to be that backsplashes were simply a small space behind a stove area or sink that would catch the splatter of boiling pasta sauces, and other messes creating during the cooking process. As trends have changed for kitchens, a backsplash can make a bold statement. Slabs of tile covering bigger spaces, taking the place of unnecessary, bulky upper cabinets. Tiles of texture, and even pops of color have become a popular choice, as well as neutral and classic quartz and marble tiling. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort choice and make your design unique!

Tech Upgrade

As times change and our world has quickly become technologically ran, the concept of smart kitchens has become a trend that is highly sought after. New construction homes are being built more readily setup within the smart realm, however if you are an owner of an older home, there are plenty of options for upgrades and devices that can be added to incorporate the smart lifestyle. Motion censored faucet systems, light systems that can be controlled from afar via phone, as well as other pre-programed systems are just a few of the most popular requested upgrades. 

Range Hood

Although an important essential for kitchen stoves, range hoods are making their own debut in trend-setting. Rather than simply being a part of a kitchens need, range stoves can serve as a bold and trendy statement that becomes a prime focal point of your kitchen. Different shapes, sizes, and materials have all become a part of the designing and renovation process for kitchens.