Design Build Bathroom Remodel Process

A Bathroom Design Build Process

When you set out to remodel your bathroom, you have endless options. First there are showrooms. Now add interior designers. Throw in a few websites and HGTV for good measure. Finally you put it all together with a Contractor. Feeling tired already? Great Contractors offer great value. And one of the best ways to offer value to people is for a Contractor to offer design build for a bathroom remodel. You can choose to go the design build route for your bathroom remodel. This model keeps all those separate things together for your convenience.

Let’s play out a situation and you’ll see what that looks like in the real world.

Step 1: Time to Address the Master Bathroom

Frank and Sally Homeowner decide that it is time to gut their outdated master bathroom. They are sick of honey oak cabinets, corian countertops, brass fixtures, and a now-yellow fiberglass shower. After talking through their wants and needs, and watching a healthy dose of HGTV, they have a general idea of what they’d like to replace their master bathroom with. They may have a few magazine pages, or even a Pinterest board since they are really motivated. Time to start the search to find the right Contractor!

After interviewing a few different Contractors, Frank and Sally decide on a “design build” Contractor who helped them set their budget for the project. For their master bathroom project the Contractor determines that no architectural or structural drawings are necessary since Frank and Sally don’t want to move any walls or change the ceiling height. This means that they can jump right into the design portion of design build.

Step 2: Designing the Perfect Master Bathroom

The design phase of “design build” is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are endless things to choose from: paint colors, plumbing fixtures, tile options, and much much more. Frank and Sally have already tried to shop around a few showrooms and big box stores, but it proved to be too stressful an experience.

The Contractor that Frank and Sally chose to work with has a dedicated Interior Designer that he works with for just this reason! The Designer works closely with Frank and Sally to determine what type of finishes they would like in their new master bathroom. She (the Designer) will offer advice and direction, she may put together a Pinterest Board for Frank and Sally to look at, and she will go shopping for all those daunting items that they need to pick out. The Designer also works to keep Frank and Sally to the right materials for their project so that they stay within the budget that they set.

While Frank and Sally work with the Designer, the Contractor is creating working plans for the project, getting quotes from suppliers, and taking specialty contractors (such as Electricians and Plumbers) to Frank and Sally’s house to check out the master bathroom and decide what needs to be done. Once the plans are complete, the Contractor can submit them for permitting.

Step 3: A Complete Design Build Bathroom Remodel

Frank and Sally spend a few days shopping, checking out sample boards, and flipping through Pinterest. The Designer is with them through the whole process. Now they have come up with a master bathroom design that they love. The time spent setting a budget with the Contractor and shopping with the Designer paid off. They were able to come in $1,000 under their budget!

All the work that goes into the design build culminates in a proposal. After reviewing the proposal and going through the contract with the Contractor, Frank and Sally are ready to move forward. The Contractor sets a time to bring one of his Lead Carpenters. On the job to review the project and to start on the project schedule. This gives Frank and Sally the opportunity to meet and talk with the person who will be working on and overseeing their master bath remodel. Time to move into the final step…

Step 4: Moving From Design to Build

All that design is not much use without the build portion of design build, right? Now Frank and Sally have finished working with the Designer to select all their choices and options. They have finished working with the Contractor to get plans and expectations square. And they have met the Lead Carpenter that will actually perform the work. Frank and Sally can rest easy during their remodel knowing two key things.

The first is that the cost is fixed and there won’t be any random upcharges. And second, they have a schedule in place to keep up with where things are at on their project.

Hopefully Frank and Sally’s example has been helpful for you. Now you are ready to start your own design build remodel!