When you set out to remodel your bathroom, you have endless options. First there are showrooms. Now add interior designers. Throw in a few websites and HGTV for good measure. Finally you put it all together with a Contractor. Feeling tired already? Great Contractors offer great value. And one of the best ways to offer value to people is for a Contractor to offer design build for a bathroom remodel. You can choose to go the design build route for your bathroom remodel. This model keeps all those separate things together for your convenience.

Let’s play out a situation and you’ll see what that looks like in the real world.

Step 1: Time to Address the Master Bathroom

Frank and Sally Homeowner decide that it is time to gut their outdated master bathroom. They are sick of honey oak cabinets, corian countertops, brass fixtures, and a now-yellow fiberglass shower. After talking through their wants and needs, and watching a healthy dose of HGTV, they have a general idea of what they’d like to replace their master bathroom with. They may have a few magazine pages, or even a Pinterest board since they are really motiv