So you want to remodel your bathroom.
Your bathroom is overdue for an update and, judging by the mildew on your ceiling, you’re pretty sure your noisy, dingy exhaust fan is just for looks. You have dreamed up all the possibilities and reimagined how you can maximize the space (and get rid of that old Jacuzzi tub with the dusty pink tile surround.) You’ve spent hours building a Pinterest board titled “Shower Remodel Ideas” and can’t wait to finally have a bathroom that really matches your style. You and your family have talked about it, and you have decided the best route is to find a contractor to remodel your bathroom.

But how do you choose the right bathroom remodel contractor for you? Ah. The real question. “How do I find a remodeling company I can trust to do the job I want, on time, and on budget? How do I find someone I can trust to have their employees and/or subcontractors in my home?”