Remodels of any variety are usually disruptive to your daily life. Bathroom remodels are especially so. If you are remodeling your Master Bathroom, then you are going to have people working in and out of your bedroom. Or worse, you may only have a single bathroom home. You may have teenage daughters who seem to spend every free moment in the bathroom. Below is a list of what should be your bathroom remodel contractor expectations!

Plan for a Noisy Remodel

The demolition and rough-in portion of the project are typically the loudest. However, all phases of a bathroom remodel have their levels of noise. Any way you cut it, tools are typically loud. We keep waiting for folks like Vaughan to make a silent hammer. It feels like it’s going to be a long wait though…

If you have a home office adjacent to the bathroom remodel, it would best to move shop to another part of the house for the duration of the project. Even the final stages of the remodel can be loud. Screwing in towel racks, drilling through tile to hang shower doors, setting errant nails, even just installing faucets has its own brand of noise. Depending on your Contractor, you may have loud crews throwing around profanity and listening to the latest in heavy-death-metal-gangster-rap-musicals.

The good news is that you can nip all this in the bud. When interviewing your Contractor, ask them about their crews and subcontractors. A g