A Quick Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Patio Cover

Rain or shine, you will find that a patio cover isn’t just a place to hide from the weather! Patio covers are an extension of your home, an outdoor space that often becomes a place for meals, leisure, entertainment, and relaxation. That being said, the options for covering your patio are pretty endless, varying in price, material, style, and overall purpose. So how do you choose what’s right, or where do you even begin? Below is a collection of the most popular types of patio coverings and reasons they may be perfect for you.


Well known for their appealing look and weather protecting features, gazebos have a rep for being a popular choice for back patio spaces. Not only are they useful for all types of weathers, there are varying shapes and materials to choose from. While traditionally built in octagonal shapes, gazebos can also be fit to a patio size as an addition. You can easily dress up your gazebo with lights, décor, and even screen it in for further weather protective purposes. While pricing can most definitely vary, generally homeowners look at spending anywhere from $6,000-$12,000.


It may not keep you dry, but it’s a great way to indulge in the sunlight, while utilizing the space for all sorts of purposes. While a gazebo provides full coverage from all types of weather, a pergola does not, but the appeal of pergolas have become a favorite as they add character and can also be useful. Pergolas are still a well-made structure, but can typically be cheaper than gazebos due to less material. On average, a pergola costs between $3,000 and $6,000.


A little less full coverage and structure, but still a great way to escape the elements, and potentially less costly. Awnings typically attach to your home and offer partial shade and protection from the weather. While not as much of a structure, they are available in several different styles and materials, and still add appeal to your home. Pricing can vary when choosing the type of awning you prefer for your home, on average costing $2,000-$5,000.

Sail/Canopy Covers

For a less permanent and minimal structure patio cover, sail/canopy styled patio covers have trended, offering versatility and dynamic options. A perfect way to feel the breeze and the sunshine, yet still have some protection from weather, sails tend to be a great way to enjoy your backyard while creating a comfortable atmosphere. They are cost effective, and easy to set up/take down which make a great choice. Prices range from $50-$500 depending on material and overall setup.

Patio covers don’t have to be standard! The options are limitless in that they are customizable beyond aesthetics. Enjoying your home inside and outside year-round, regardless of the weather, is something every homeowner should have the opportunity to enjoy.