Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is meant to be a place of peaceful solitude. Whether it’s soaking in the tub with a glass of wine after a long day or simply getting a couple minutes of alone time (I hear you, parents of toddlers!) So when you decide to remodel your place of peaceful solitude, the quiet sanctuary of your home, you may be thinking, “How am I going to survive this?” Beyond my assurance that you absolutely will survive this, let me humbly offer the following 10 tips to not only survive your bathroom remodel, but to make the most of it!

1. Take a Deep Breath

Seriously. Take a yoga class, download a mindfulness app on your phone, or set yourself a daily calendar reminder to stop and breathe. You want to remodel your bathroom because you envision something better for your current space. Deep breath. Repeat after me: The dream bathroom I want is going to be so worth it.

2. Pick Out Your Materials Early in the Design Process

Enlist the help of your Contractor or Designer to pick out materials that fit your dream bathroom (and your budget!) Pintere