Bathroom Remodel Project: Dos and Don'ts Edition

Bathroom Remodel Project: Dos and Don'ts Edition

Like any home improvement or bathroom remodel project, the decision-making process can be exciting and daunting all at once. Especially as you try to narrow down your final choices. The designing process in itself can be fun. And as new trends come and go, it can become easy to fall for a trend that won’t necessarily be a long-lasting fit for your bathroom.

Placement of features, how they appear from the outside looking in, and the space they create for use can make or break the success of how your bathroom remodel project turns out. Placement and design are not only to be taken into consideration though. How they look matters but the functionality of the bathroom does too. Bathrooms serve as a multi-purpose space, often times one of the smaller rooms in a house. Yet, they require attention to detail in order to insure its longevity and ability to operate without causing wear and tear, or even damage that could easily be avoidable. 

Bathrooms fluctuate between warm and cold, wet and dry, and include pipes, faucets, and drains. These all need to function like a well-oiled machine or you risk the possibility of a major problem. So what are the key factors to consider when planning your bathroom remodel project?

Bathroom Remodel Project Do: Consider The Functionality 

Consider the purpose of your space and how that can align with the appearance. Your bathroom can be aesthetically appealing but needs to be designed for its use. Avoid clutter and improper spacing between key components. 

Bathroom Remodel Project Do: Consider The Water Flow

Water issues are the last thing you want to create a problem for. How the water flows, drains, and accumulates are pivotal components of the design and function of your bathroom. You’ll want to make sure your shower drains properly and that water doesn’t standstill. A pool of water build-up invites mildew and molds into your clean space. 

Bathroom Remodel Project Do: Consider The Plumbing Hardware

Plumbing hardware can become costly quickly, and while it’s enticing to choose sale items or find something online that appears to be of high quality yet cheaper, it may not be in the best interest of the longevity of your bathroom. Consult with a professional about what may or may not be a good fit. This will help you avoid costly plumbing bills or multiple trips to the hardware store. 

Bathroom Remodel Project Do: Consider The Ventilation

Your bathroom will go back and forth between temperatures and moisture levels. Because of this, ventilation may be one of the most important factors to consider. Improper ventilation can lead to molding, rot, and unwanted damage to a space that is used far too often to have those issues. Choosing materials that reflect the ever-changing environment of your bathroom needs to be considered. 

Small spaces don’t equate to easy remodeling. Work with a professional that is aware of the do’s and don’ts of bathroom designs. Make sure that they will also incorporate the functionality of the bathroom. Doing so will ensure the space you’ve been envisioning without costly mistakes. 

If you are ready to start on your bathroom remodel project, take a moment to download our free Ultimate Guide on bathroom renovations. It explains how to set a budget for a bathroom remodel, how to choose a contractor, and a host of other important considerations.