4 Essential Questions to Ask Your Contractor

4 Essential Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Choosing a contractor can oftentimes consist of multiple interviews and price points in order to select the best option for your home remodel. It is important to know what to ask your contractor of choice and what their answers mean in regards to how it will affect your project. Below is a quick guide that will prepare you with questions to ask your contractor so you walk away from your conversation readily informed.

1. Is Your Contractor Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Requirements for contractors vary from state to state. Knowing the proper state requirements for the state you reside in is important in securing a reliable and professional contractor. Looking up the Department of Labor and Industries website for your state is a quick way of finding out this information beforehand. Asking your potential contractor for proof of licensing is not uncommon, and is a reasonable request. Reviewing the documents provided can help you determine if the business is current with its license.  Another important question to ask your contractor is if they are bonded. Ensuring that your contractor is bonded will help you in the long run in the event that work was done incorrectly and therefore hinders you financially. In addition, confirming that your contractor is properly insured protects you from being held responsible for injuries of workers, as well as property damage.

2. Will Your Contractor Use Licensed Trades?

Washington State does not permit a contractor to do certain things such as electrical work or gas piping unless they are licensed electricians or plumbers. This means that they would need to use a licensed trades company to do these parts of a job, so make sure that this is added to your questions to ask your contractor list! Your contractor will arrange these services and keep you updated as to when they will be entering your home.

3. Does Your Contractor Have a Plan to Manage Dust and Garbage on Your Project?

Remodels naturally bring messes, but that doesn’t mean it has to interfere with your living space completely. Keeping your space as clean as possible also protects you from potential hazards and can reduce the stress of seeing the messes being made. Your contractor should be using dust control through filters and site isolation. Additionally, garbage is bound to be created, but should never be piled up. Taking extra measures to keep a space clean can mean that your contractor utilizes the use of a dumpster, trailer, and general daily clean-up of the site.

4. Does Your Contractor Have a Contract Detailing Exactly What is Being Built?

Creating a plan with your contractor should not just be a one-page agreement of what is to be done. Your plan should be just that, it should include the choices you’ve made along with precise information regarding the permits, costs, and any other pertinent details that affect the process along the way. 

Don’t Be Shy About Questions to Ask Your Contractor

You deserve to have a contractor who will listen to your needs and wants and meet your expectations. Asking your contractor the questions on your mind helps ensure that this happens. Download our free guide on choosing the right home contractor to further understand the ins and outs of hiring the right contractor for you.

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