A Basement Remodel to Maximize Your Space

Before writing off that dark drab room downstairs that you haven’t done much with in a while, it might be time to consider a basement remodel with a little TLC, giving it the opportunity to become a star in your home. Basements are one of those bonus rooms that can easily become a neglected collection space for all those boxes of “stuff” that never seem to find a home, other times they become another bedroom, or kids play area, etc. You name it, a basement has probably been it. 

Basement remodels have gone through trends and will continue to do so, but here are a few popular ideas that may spark an interest for your next home renovation choice:

Bar and Lounge

Who said you have to leave home to go out? Kids get play rooms, so adults should too right? Throw in a built-in bar, some couches, and maybe even a pool table, and you’ve got the space to entertain and separate from your normal routine of day to day living in your home. Adding in lighting that can be adjusted to, built in speakers, and there you have it, your very own home bar!

Basement Remodel: Home Theater 

Among many other things that the pandemic has taught us, one was that creating entertainment at home is sometimes a necessity! Movies may have stalled on coming out, and restrictions kept us from getting to a theater, so why not create a home theater with 24/7 access,the snacks of your choice, and the coziest theater seats you’ll never get at a regular theater?

Vacation Rental/Guest Space

In-home room rentals through companies such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and more, have opened up the doors to homeowners renting out their spaces to guests! Whether it’s to bring in extra cash-flow that allows you to travel more yourself, or maybe hospitality has always been your thing, it’s becoming a popular trend. This can be a fun remodel, offering a lot of creativity within your options. 

Basement Remodel: Home Gym

Consider it an investment for your health, and a great way to save another monthly bill. Home gyms have taken a huge hit of popularity in the last few years, especially when public gyms were closed. For some half the motivation is getting there, but what if the “there” is simply downstairs in your own home? Creating a space that not only meets the demands for all your workout preferences, including equipment, flooring, lighting, mirrors, speakers, yet the best part is, you don’t have to wait your turn. 

Whatever the room may be, it can most definitely be more than a space without purpose. Customizing a basement remodel to better suit your home is a great way to break up the mundane in your living routine, adding more space to other rooms, and utilizing what you have to the full extent!

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